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Expand Your Customer Base by accepting Purchasing Cards

EVO Payments International can help your company input the data necessary to accept Purchasing Cards so that your company is listed on the Supplier Locator and the Supplier Matching Services. Companies wishing to utilize their Purchasing cards can then find your business listed there.



Make Bigger Sales by Accepting Purchasing Cards

Large companies like to utilize Purchasing Cards to simplify record keeping and to control spending. To accept some Purchasing Cards, your company must be categorized properly or the sale will be declined. We can help make certain that your company's category matches your customer's needs.

Sell to Government Entities Through the General Services Administration (GSA)

The GSA's Office of Charge Card Management has started an education campaign throughout the vendor and customer agency communities to promote the values added by the many SmartPay2 features associated with government purchase cards.

To encourage merchant participation and support of purchasing card programs, Visa, MasterCard and Discover have created special interchange rates to reduce a merchant's transaction costs whenever Level 3 line item detail is transmitted with the financial statement. In providing Level 3 data, a government contractor may substantially reduce their credit card processing fees - sometimes by up to 40%.



bulletpointAccess your account from any web enabled device
Swipe or key-enter transactions
 Store customer profiles
 Create and distribute comprehensive reports
Email receipts, reports, and alerts
 Add e-check/ACH processing
 Automatic Notification if your transaction qualifies for a lower Interchange Rate

Save Money On All Business, Corporate & Purchasing Card Transactions

To qualify for Optimal Interchange some card types require input of additional information.

What Is Optimal Interchange?

Optimal Interchange is the lowest possible Interchange Category for a given transaction.

What Is Interchange?

Interchange is the fee structure that all Card Processors pay to the banks that issue credit cards. Interchange is the base cost and the largest component of a merchant's cost structure. Most Interchange Categories consist of a percentage of the dollar volume of the transaction, and a per item fee. Interchange Categories vary from .05% plus $0.22 to 3.25% plus $0.10. Interchange is a matrix consisting of Card Type, Merchant Type, transaction entry method and data provided.

How Can We Help Your Company Achieve Optimal Interchange?

Our Payment Professionals will train you and your staff on the basics of transaction entry so  your company gets the best rates. Furthermore, our gateway will notify you and your staff if a given transaction qualifies for a lower Interchange Category and the steps to take in order to qualify that transaction for Optimal Interchange.

What Do You Need To Do?

Provide us with a copy of your merchant statement so that we can analyze the card types and interchange Categories that your company is experiencing. We will then show you a specific list of card types on which you are paying too much in Interchange and the savings associated with proper entry of those transactions.

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