EVO Payments International is the premier merchant services provider in Northeast Ohio. EVO studies the needs of each individual business, so that we can customize our services to meet those needs economically. We truly care about each individual and cherish the relationships that we develop. Once we have been chosen to provide service, we will continue to satisfy the merchant's needs and to keep them abreast of developments in the area of merchant services.

Our Principals, Mr. James English and Mr. Daniel Ross Sr., with over thirty-five years of combined business experience, share the same philosophy as to how a financial services office should be operated. An impeccable business reputation and superior customer service are mandatory.

We started out concentrating on providing exceptional customer service to local businesses. In short order we began providing services to entities that had locations throughout the state of Ohio. It soon became apparent to some of our larger merchants that our superior service, coupled with competitive pricing, was an attractive combination. These entities then invited us to join their associations and to submit proposals to their buying groups. We now enjoy preferred vendor status with these entities and provide service to many businesses that have locations nationwide. Therefore, we are now structured to provide personal customer service on a local level, and to give those nationwide entities the care that they deserve.

Naturally, none of this would be of importance if we were not capable of competitive pricing. Our positioning in the market allows us to compete, at all levels, with any merchant services provider. We are committed to providing the best rates and the best service.

Please allow us to provide a free consultation. Click on our Contact Us page or, use our Toll Free Number 866-757-7442.